3 Main Places Clutter Drains Your Energy

3 Main Places Clutter Drains Your Energy
(and the Spiritual Messages behind it)


One huge energy drain that is often overlooked is: Clutter!

Yes, make the boundaries with the humans.

Yes, let go of the toxic relationships.

Yes, move your body and get into nature.

These all get us our energy back for sure.

But don’t underestimate the drain the clutter your spaces is having on you. It is subtle, but potentially chronic if not tended.

If you have put into place some health or personal goals, and after months of trying to make it happen, still cannot move forward – I would check out your space! It could be the missing piece holding you down!

The chi in your spaces needs to be able to flow freely around, under and through. Clutter catches energy, holds it, and then vibrates that energy out into your spaces, and into your personal energy field, your mind and body. Similar to how too much exposure to tv or social media can drain you mentally and physically, so can Clutter! 

All Clutter has an Energetic and a Spiritual Aspect. Below are three of the main places Clutter can drain your energy and their underlying messages.


1.) Under the Bed

Especially emotionally charged stuff like: financials, remembrances from past relationships, old photo albums, or simply boxes of unorganized crap. (Storage containers of organized, neutral belongings like clothes or decor have less draining effect.)

Energetics: heavy & emotional, or scatterful & frenetic. 

Spiritual Messages: What are you not letting go of? What are you avoiding to pull into the light and truly face?

The mess that is hiding is not as scary once the light is shed on it.

You actually have more than enough to face it and tame it, or face it and release it. 

2.) The Messy Desk

Scattered paper clutter, random decor, junk drawers and overstuffed filing drawers.

Energetics: Frazzled & Ungrounded

Spiritual Messages: Where are you only doing Life at surface level?

Where are you not anchored deeply? Why is the time not worth it?

The mind convinces you the time spent in organizing, tossing the trash and creating systems of ease it isn’t worth it.

Maybe that’s how you sabotage your greatness & your genius?

 Go deep. Unearth. Unravel it all. Then lay the solid foundations and allow your Spirit to soar.

3.) The Bursting Closets

When you open the closets, the stuff starts tumbling out upon your face, the clothes have no breathing room and the floor is an utter mess.

Energetics: Avoidance & Looming Fears

Spiritual Messages: What is so stuffed down in your heart that it can’t breathe? 

Where do you mistrust Life Herself to provide for you? 

Everything needs space to breathe. 

Everything needs to see the light of day. 

You will breathe easier when this space breathes easier. 

Your heart needs space to breathe and it needs the light of your awareness to shine on it. 

Trust that you can hold space for whatever tumbles out from behind the doors. 

Trust that You’ve got You. 

And Trust that Life’s got you, if you allow Her in and create the space for new life!

On a Personal Note

Everything in our life is a mirror. Our home, the items we keep, how we keep them – they all speak reflections back to us regarding our inner state. We often are looking our answers in the face daily, but not truly seeing the messages they hold for us.

I know it can feel overwhelming and dreadful to dive into your clutter! I know there are dozens of “logical” excuses why not to start today.

As a Soul Friend, I tell you that is just the Ego trying to keep you safe and secure in your current box of life. It fears you will actually die. It always tries to keep us “safe” and is ever fearful of change (even expansive, positive change!)

But you’re Spirit knows you won’t die if you declutter!

(You see how TRUE that statement feels? Trust that.)

I promise you that I know all too well the fears that come with stepping into your Gifts & Greatness! I’m still doing it! For some it’s clutter, for others it’s leaving a toxic relationship, for others it’s finally selling their creations!

But this life needs us to rise into our greatness! If it is not painstakingly clear this 2020 year, it is time to face our fears, clear out the junk and step into the Light of who we are here to be!

For us, and for the world!




If just the thought of decluttering makes you cringe, but you also know that your clutter is more than likely what is low key draining your vibes, book a Clearing Consult!

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