5 Ways Clearing Clutter Supports Your Health

Your home is a metaphor for your body. As you clear your space from clutter and stagnant energies, your body naturally registers the shift and you physically feel lighter, more energized and function with greater ease.

Mindful Living Space Clearing

 5 ways that clearing clutter will enhance your health:

#1 You Breathe Better

Less clutter means greater chi circulation in your space and your lungs will notice! More space for fresh, purer air to flow through. 

#2 Supports the Liver

I love the liver! It is the greatest detoxing organ we have. In addition to processing toxins we take in from foods and the environment, it also takes on added mental or emotional stress that we cannot consciously process… like a cluttered home that is lowkey stressing us out!

So, as you declutter your space, your liver will register the shift. It will feel more at ease because you will be more at ease mentally and energetically.  It will have less stress vibes to take on, and therefore function better for you.

#3 Calmer Mind

Clear space, clearer mind! When you arrive home to a clear space, to minimal visual and energetic clutter, your mind feels at ease and your body registers a calm. 

There are not piles of random clutter all over, sapping all of your mental energy and flooding into your visual field.

#4 Better Sleep

As you remove clutter from under your bed, as you declutter and organize your closet and bedroom, you increase the Calm Vibe there and support yourself in getting a deeper nights sleep.

(Which also enhances assimilation of your nutrients, supports your immune system, and helps you feel emotionally happier the next day!)

#5 Better Digestion

A serene and clear space ignites the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows you to digest and fully receive all your nutrients, AND ALSO have a more peaceful digestion (less gas and reflux, etc!)

This list could go on, but these are some of the most obvious and most advantageous benefits to decluttering your space!