5 Ways to Cleanse your Personal Energy Field (Without Smudging)⠀

Your personal field needs an energetic cleanse more often than you realize!⠀
Why? Because lingering energies can affect you A LOT and impact how you feel for the rest of the day.⠀
Anytime you’ve been around lots of people, been into various stores or places, the energies of those persons and spaces linger in your personal field and also in your clothing. And, depending on how vulnerable your field is, they can have an intense impact on how you feel for hours afterwards. ⠀
Cleansing your field regularly is actually an Empowering Practice that helps you ground & center and allows you to take full responsibility for your energy and how you feel. ⠀
And it doesn’t have to be fancy!⠀
Why No Smudging?
While smudging is great, if you or your roommates are sensitive to smell, it’s not always an option. ⠀
Secondly, lots of smudge sticks sold out there are not sustainably sourced, so these non-smudging ways are options anyone can do without any special tools!⠀⠀
Energy Clearing
5 Ways to Clear your Field
Anytime you feel drained, frazzled, off-center or blah – try these!⠀
1.) Strip and Shower – Energy clings to our clothes and water is naturally cleansing!⠀
2.) Sweat, Shake or Dance – As you move, the chi in your body (blood, water, fluids, lymph) moves through! Sweating is literally a detox and movement itself can shift your vibration back to you!⠀
3.) Nature – Sit or walk outside for 15 minutes. Sunshine and breeze are the original energy cleansers!⠀
4.) Chant or Hum “Om” – The frequency of creation. Brings your body and field back to a peaceful home state.⠀
5.) Breathing Techniques – The breathe is cleansing in and of it self! A few minutes of intentional slow or belly breathing can shift the energy in your body & field. ⠀
How Often to Cleanse
My most frequently used is the shower! I shower after coming home from most things: work, travels, shopping, gatherings. I am very sensitive to energy from others and from places, and can feel it in my field when I arrive home. So I often do a quick rinse and put on new clothes before going about anything further in my home space.
However, I do practice all of these regularly, because I believe that keeping my personal energy field clear is of utmost importance to not only my emotional state, but also to staying in alignment with my mission and purpose here as I move through this lifetime.
So I recommend trying to incorporate a personal energy clearing ritual into your day, see which ones feel natural and easy for you. They become like tools you can use when you feel wonky, which, in today’s world, can be quite often!
That’s all for now!
Stay Clear, Dear!