Autumn Alignment

Energetic Adjustments to Synch with the Season

~ A 8 Day Telegram Container~


We all feel it every Autumn.

That subtle energetic pull inward.

That tug to slow down, to sink into our coziest nooks with a steaming cup.

To close our eyes and look inward at what needs pruning

or refining

or to be gathered

before the long Winter sets in.

And yet the pace of our lives rarely allow for us to heed this shift & calling inwards.

Enter Autumn AlignmentAn 8 day portal of seasonal lessons and energetic adjustments that you can steep your soul & body in.


Day 1: Connecting with the Essence of Autumn

Day 2: Cyclic Living

Day 3: Sleep

Day 4: White Space in our Homes

Day 5: White Space in our Mindspace

Day 6: Movement During Autumn

Day 7: White Space in our Schedules

Day 8: Letting Things Die & Boundaries

*Each day contains a 15-20 minute Voice Lesson + Homework (practices, journal prompts, activities.)

How It Works

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You will receive a welcome email with the Telegram Link!

You have ongoing access to the container so you can pace your lessons and integrating them!

It’s like a pre-recorded course, but audio lessons instead of video, and the homework is shared in written format for ease as well!

Client Testimonials

Korah M. –

For me personally, this container facilitated my shift to a completely different perspective on my year in review.

I came to the container with clear objectives to assess what was working and what needed shifting when striving to accomplish my goals. And what I ended up learning most is my definition of “working” needed to be revised and in some cases thrown out the window and replaced.

I am now striving for goals that speak to my heart rather than my head and embracing playfulness as part of the exploratory journey rather than logistical assessment to determine if I am on “the right path.” 

Angela H –

The working through and reflecting on subjects and the journaling, kept not just reminding me to stick to changing my habits, but actually the energy continues to resonate, that I really find myself in a transition.

Before I “knew” I had to change things, but now, I am actually changing these habits.

I feel I’m becoming more “ME” again.