Guiding Hearts

My 1:1 coaching containers are for the soul who desires to truly devote themselves to their soul growth, to self-honoring, to breaking limiting patterns, to accessing their Inner Knowing, and to raising their standards in all areas of their life.

They are 1-2 month containers, with weekly drop-ins and daily access to me.

They are portals that create transformations, opening you to new levels of Intuition, Confidence and Joy. They hold you as you remember your Inner Wisdom, shed old versions of yourself and begin to take the reigns of your world with a new grace and confident trust in your steps!

What Problems Do We Solve in Coaching?

Energy Leaks

  1. Toxic or dysfunctional loops & patterns, with self and others (mental, emotional, behavioral)
  2. The need for boundaries in all areas
  3. Relationships: Codependents, Narcissists, People-Pleasers, Rescuers
  4. Unbalanced, cluttered, or stagnant energy in your home or office spaces

Body Disconnection

  1. Unable to hear or follow Intuition
  2. Feelings of aversion or numbness in regards to the body
  3. Inability to feel pleasure, to rest, to sleep, relax or trust in general
  4. Anxious Mind, Over-Planning, Control Issues
  5. Lingering, chronic physical ailments
  6. History of failed attempts to “get fit” via nutrition and exercise

Crippling Self-Judgment

  1. Mental patterns of: guilt, shame, victimhood
  2. Under-appreciated at work & in relationship (repeated patterns of this)
  3. Negative self-talk, blame, terrible self-worth
  4. In need of healing from religious upbringing and/or demanding parents (refer to #1)
  5. Feeling lost, stuck and frustrated with your life
  6. Lacking trust in yourself, your gifts and the way you make moves in your life
What Will I Be Learning and Doing during Coaching?
  • Identifying limiting beliefs that keep you in toxic patterns
  • Reinforcing new, supportive ways of thinking, feeling and acting
  • Setting boundaries – with people, places and things
  • Connecting gently back to your body wisdom & guidance
  • Practices to tap into your Intuition
  • Facing fears: the unknown, saying no, speaking your needs
  • Healing your spaces through energy clearing rituals and practices (read more about how our spaces affect our body & mind here!)
  • Wellness Practices: movement, nutrition, meditation, sleep, play, pleasure
  • If you are an Empath, Highly Sensitive or an Introvert – we can dive into ways to navigate life, work and relationships with these unique sets of qualities, and render them as strengths and gifts!


“Working with Kelly for the month-long coaching experience was a wonderful experience for me. I was really seeking to move past some painful experiences in my life and navigate my life with more peace and happiness.  Kelly heard my past painful memories, and allowed me a space for me to process them more deeply, so I could move towards more peace and joy in my heart.

Through this coaching experience, I’ve learned to be more patient and loving toward myself and truly realize the value  in loving yourself.
Honoring yourself will fill you up with peace and happiness, and it will help you make better, more wholesome decisions for yourself. It seems like a simple thing to just ‘love yourself’ but it actually takes a lot of courage and acceptance of yourself which isn’t always easy.
I definitely feel like coaching with Kelly for a month was worth it!
I think everyone should give themselves the gift of working with Kelly because she is an empowering, awesome, and kind woman that brings her full self toward all the interactions you’ll have with her as your coach.
I think everyone deserves to have a person in their life that will help bring out and support their best potential!”

-JB, San Fransisco (2/2020)

Coaching Containers

1 Month: $1111
2 Months: $2222

Payment plans available, as well as longer term containers by request!

Message Me or email me at to connect about Coaching! I hold 3 souls per month and I love to meet you first!  Below is everything you will receive:

  • Weekly video drop-ins via Zoom
  • Daily access via voice or video app
  • My supportive “Coach Notes” as we go along, on google doc for you to keep

I look forward to connecting!