Hi There!

My name is Kelly and I am here to help you leverage your Intuition and Impact in the world by Embodying your True Essence.

In my Soul Coaching Sessions, I offer a sacred container of private, personal 1-on-1 support for those who desire greater clarity, more joy and a sense of direction resulting in a more deeply fulfilling life.

It is my intention to guide you to find your unique, radiant connection to your Inner Knowing, that Source from which you can navigate life with Confidence and Joy. 

Do You:

  • Feel deeply unfulfilled in life?
  • Feel stuck or frustrated in any of these areas: relationships, health, job, finances, self-worth, spiritually, etc?
  • Feel empty, disconnected, sad or lost in life? 
  • Experience either pain from the past, or anxiety/fears of the future on a regular basis, to the point where they paralyze your ability to change or move forward?
  • Know you have gifts  or passions to share with the world in a powerful way, but do not have the clarity or direction you desire?
  • Feel pretty good where you’re at, but know that you are called to more and are ready to uplevel your game so as to leverage your Awesomeness in the world to it’s highest alignment?
  • Feel truly ready for deep change & transformation? 

I feel you, Friend! I have been in your shoes and felt the pain and sadness of being deeply unfulfilled, lacking clarity around my highest purpose, feeling lost in life, despite the fact that I was pretty self-aware, decently healthy and attempting to do good in the world.

You Are Not Alone! There are actually many uber capable, amazingly gifted people in the world who feel this way!! And, they are usually just a few steps away from their next major uplevel, but they cannot see the way from inside their pain or problems.

This is where a Soul Coach comes in!

By holding space for you during this transformational time and teaching you the tools you need to find your way, I help you to leverage your gifts & talents in the world to their highest impact, thus enhancing your personal sense of purpose & fulfillment. Through this process, you begin to gain clarity, feel more energized and your sense of purpose in the world grows and expands!

My Specialties

  • Practices to enhance connection to Source/Being/Divine Energy
  • Self-Love & Body-Love
  • Identifying limiting beliefs, stories, programs that play on repeat and are holding you back
  • Anchoring in new, joyful ways of thinking, believing & acting
  • Practices for letting go of what is no longer serving you
  • Methods for moving through fears that are keeping you stuck
  • Ways of stepping bravely into the unknown to unlock your next uplevel
  • Rituals for cultivating the energy of receiving
  • Feeling feelings in your body, integration work
  • Introverts, Highly Sensitive People, Empaths – I am all 3 and posses the refined  & nuanced skill sets needed to guide these particular souls
  • Practices of wellness: movement, nutrition, meditation, rest, play, pleasure

The 4 Devotions

These are four main areas that that we will dip into, but always you lead with whatever is arising for you in the moment.

We can utilize structure & topics if that supports you, and if it’s better to just go with what’s coming up for you that day or week, we do that.

It’s a dynamic flow and we both tap in and listen together.

  1. Notice the Now:  What is coming up for you right now? What transformations are you seeking? 
  2. Body Fluency: Connection to the Body, Self-Love, Breathing & Gratitude practices, Nutrition & Rest, Pleasure.
  3. Mindset Magic: Mindset & belief systems uncovered & reworked.
  4. Intuitive Insight: Practices to connect to your natural intuition, voice & true desires.

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Thank you for being here & exploring my Offerings!

I am here to walk with You!