Work with Kelly

All the Vibes ~

Below are my 3 current offerings to the collective!

Feel into what feels attractive in a magnetic way, and a little bit of a stretch for you. That’s the one!

Intuitive Readings

You will receive an infusion of insight from Spirit that will enlighten you regarding whatever struggle you bring to the table. 

These readings are for you if you:

  • are stuck or blocked in a specific area
  • trying to make a decision, but feel unsure
  • need insight around a problem that is not resolving or healing
  • desire to see why you are in the same cycle or pattern
  • want light shed on where and how you’re leaking energy

Intuitive Readings are 30-40 minutes @ $60, open to the flow of what wants to come through for you.

DM me on IG/FB with questions or go ahead and purchase below! I’ll reach out to schedule our session!

Intuitive Reading
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1:1 Private Coaching

Always they will include weekly video drop-ins + full private access to me via a voice app.

Dm me if you’re interested in my 1:1 Containers and let’s chat! @the.sovereign.savvy

1 Month: $1111

Payment Plan: 2 @ $612

2 Months: $2222

Payment Plan: 4 @ $612, or 3 @ $815

BONUS Optional Reiki Healing Session

My amazing Mom, Susan Cannis, is a  RN, Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master. She offers her healing services to any of my clients, and will do a session of distance Reiki Healing to enhance your journey, if you so desire.

Investment: $60 per 30 minute session

All coaching & reiki sessions are held via Zoom, Skype or Gchat video.

*Full Access means that you have access to me in between sessions via a voice or video app (like Whatsapp or Marco Polo.) This way, we can workshop & process whatever is coming up for you in real time. This is a hugely transformational aspect of the coaching containers – to be able to shift you literally within the situation you are living in real time. This is how we create new patterns of thinking, feeling and acting – which lands you in your Sovereignty!

Why Invest in a Coach?

“Working with Kelly for the month-long coaching experience was a wonderful experience for me. I was really seeking to move past some painful experiences in my life and navigate my life with more peace and happiness.  Kelly heard my past painful memories, and allowed me a space for me to process them more deeply, so I could move towards more peace and joy in my heart.

Through this coaching experience, I’ve learned to be more patient and loving toward myself and truly realize the value  in loving yourself.
Honoring yourself will fill you up with peace and happiness, and it will help you make better, more wholesome decisions for yourself. It seems like a simple thing to just ‘love yourself’ but it actually takes a lot of courage and acceptance of yourself which isn’t always easy.
I definitely feel like coaching with Kelly for a month was worth it!
I think everyone should give themselves the gift of working with Kelly because she is an empowering, awesome, and kind woman that brings her full self toward all the interactions you’ll have with her as your coach.
I think everyone deserves to have a person in their life that will help bring out and support their best potential!”

-JB, San Fransisco (2/2020)