Special: Convent or Catholic Deprogamming

I wanted to make a special page for any of you who may be seeking this specific type of guidance. If you have left religious life, the seminary, the priesthood or even just the church, I would like to support you and assist you in deprogramming from those paradigms and cultures, if that is your desire.

St. Paul’s Convent, Harlem NY 2009 SSVM Sisters

I lived about 14 years of my life as an extremely orthodox Catholic, 8 of those years in a very traditional religious order. I was deeply indoctrinated, I taught others doctrine and initiated others into religious life for many years. I left religious life simply because I had allowed my Light to be extinguished there and felt miserable and utterly exhausted. (Although I have come to a place where I am grateful and still utilize the good, while also being grateful and letting go of what was not healthy or balanced in that lifestyle.) I left the Church, however, very gradually & not intentionally over a period of about 3 years, just letting go of ways of spirituality that no longer nourished me, as I leaned more and more into Nature as the basis of spiritual connection.

I still see and honor much of the Truth that exists in the person and teachings of Christ and within Christianity (and other organized religions) – Truth is always hidden in there. When I speak of ‘deprogramming’ it’s mainly to see clearly where the human need for control or power has overstepped and twisted the messages, leading us to believe things that are simply not true.

I know how deep the Catholic and convent programming can be regarding so many themes: sin, vocation, guilt, happiness, the sacraments, sexuality, etc. I know how disorienting it can be to return to the world after time in religious life – crafting a resume, dating, working in the world, navigating your body and beliefs. I journeyed through all of these and worked my way out of the mental webs of programming into a life of freedom, joy and happiness of heart, knowing that I am loved by God always and unconditionally. 

I am an expert in this arena due to the duration of years I was indoctrinated and the positions of authority I held in religious life. (Meaning, since I was heavily programmed over many years, I have sifted through most of the layers anyone could imagine!) I was a well-beloved superior and deeply entrenched member who left after many years.

I am happy to help you identify ways that the religious life or church programs may be holding you back from your fullest expression of life & joy here.

I am also happy to remain within your current boundaries, with regards to being a practicing catholic or christian, but wanting to let go of the religious life programming. These themes can easily or eventually lead into more general life and spirituality sessions, but do not have to. I simply wanted to make a note here that I offer this specialty for those who have bravely stepped out and are seeking some guidance in navigating in the world. 

I have made several YouTube videos on this theme that you can find here: Convent Life Videos

Here is a link to one of my favorite blogs for former sisters/religious: 15 Things They Don’t Tell You About Leaving

Sessions for deprogramming run the same as listed on my my Work with Kelly page.

You are Amazing and Brave for stepping into that life, and also for stepping out! I see You!

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