About Me


I’m Kelly and I am a Soul Coach, Spiritual Guide, Sacred Space Holder.

I am an Intuitive, a highly sensitive Empath and Energy Healer.

I am a Mystic, an Alchemist, and a Magnetic Being of Divine Light.

My Work in the World

I help people leverage their Intuition and Impact in the world by Embodying their Divine Essence.

I create & hold Sacred space for people to grow, explore, expand and receive.

I teach practices that enhance Joy, Vitality, Self-Love and Clarity of Purpose.

Dedication & Devotion

I am here to help you Remember Who You Are. 

I am here to help you remember your Divine Essence. 

I am here to help you remember your Inner Light.  


I illuminate, create space, and reveal. 

You see, open and expand. 

I guide, clear and remember. 

You feel, alchemize and anchor in.


I work with clients who are Radically Devoted to themselves.

They show up every week, eager to open, to feel, to expand. 

They desire to walk through life confident in their own Inner Compass, knowing they can always turn inward to find their Truth.

They want to face their fears, to shed old selves and to create anew their body and mind. 

My clients have chosen to radically devote themselves to cultivating Love of Self on all levels, including parts of themselves deemed unlovable.

They want to walk through this life Awake & Aware. 

They want to walk through this life in Joy & Gratitude. 

They want to walk through this life anchored in the Truth of their Divine Essence and offering their Gifts in the world to their Highest Alignment. 


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