Healing Spaces

Our Spaces Matter.

The energy of our spaces deeply impacts our peace of mind, body and heart.

We want our homes, offices and studios to resonate with a bright and lively Spirit.

We also want our personal energy fields to feel clear and vibrant.

When the Spirit of the space is flowing and alive, the humans who dwell therein feel nourished, light and at peace.

My work of Healing Spaces encompasses 3 main Areas of Service:
  1. Energy Readings of your Spaces – An all encompassing read of your space packed with clearing guidance, intuitive downloads and energetic maintenance suggestions for your space. (Stay here + scroll down for details!)
  2. Intuitive Soul Guidance – Offerings include 1:1 Coaching (3- month container) or Intuitive Readings (45 minute Soul Readings) that aim to land insight and energy upgrades for your Soul Growth
  3. Exclusive Housesitting Packages – My House/Pet Sitting Offering that is a magical blend of services that results in an energetic spruce up of your home while you’re away.

Signs you May Need an Energy Reading of Your Space:
  • You do not feel at ease in your space.
  • An overall feeling of aversion to the space itself.
  • You suffer from anxious mind, feel energetically scattered, frazzled.  You lack focus and calm.
  • You have been tolerating certain physical ailments or symptoms that have no medical cause.
  • You feel stuck, suffocated, trapped in your own life.
  • You lack inspiration, creativity and joy in your own life.
  • You have a utilitarian relationship to the space.
  • There are certain rooms or places in the space that you avoid inhabiting because of the strange energy or uncomfortable feeling.
  • You have had intense emotional expressions in the space: a breakup, money fights, grief processing, firing someone, robbery, receiving terrible news, etc.
  • You have just moved into a new space.
  • You are welcoming a new member to the family or work space.
  • You have lived or worked in the space and never energetically cleared it!
Request an Energy Reading of Your Space:

Please fill out this Energy Reading Request Form and once received, I will reach out via email to schedule!

Rates vary depending on the space, but typically are in the range of $222-$444. Please email me at hello@kellysuefitz.com for specific price inquiries.

What’s Included in an Energy Read of My Space?
Part 1

A visit (live or virtual) to your space, where I will perform a full walk-through and energy reading.

Part 2

After the walk through, we will have a consult where I will share what came through from your space. This session typically includes areas that need energy maintenance, activation or decluttering, as well as solutions, remedies or rituals the space requests.

Part 3

Follow-up notes will be emailed to you, documenting the reading + consult for your future reference.

Depending on the size of the space, a consult visit can usually take 1-2 hours.

Virtual Energy Clearing Consults:

Available if you are not local to South Jersey. They echo the above parts in an adjusted structure which would require a virtual tour of your space. Please note on the request form if you would like a virtual consult!

How I Started Healing Spaces

How a space feels became vitally important to me as I began my house-sitting journey a few years ago. I realized that I naturally needed a space to feel a certain way if I was going to stay in a home for an extended period. So I would settle in and intuitively clear energy in a variety of ways.

I did not know it at the time, but I was listening to the Spirit of the Home, and doing what needed to be done so that it’s energy could flow cleaner, crisper and with ease. So it could breathe easier.

My body and mind also needed the energetic clearing in order to feel at ease and spacious wherever I was housesitting, so that I could work, rest and play with ease there.

I see homes and spaces how I see our bodies.

Our bodies are made up mostly of fluids and air (space.) My fluids and my air need to be able to flow with ease through all parts of my body for optimal functioning: for me to feel amazing and energized, mentally clear and open to inspiration. If I am dehydrated, unable to breathe fully, do not get enough movement or sunlight, my fluids and air suffer, I feel sluggish, slow, lethargic and dragged down.

Homes are the same.

Homes House Energy.

This energy can either flow with ease throughout the rooms, or it gets stuck. There may be blockages, there may be lingering energies that need to be cleared. When energy in the home cannot flow, the Spirit of the Home feels drained, scattered, heavy or lifeless. It depends on the particular issue, but homes have a quality of vibration to them, depending on the specific type of ailment they are suffering.

I have been healing and clearing spaces for most of my life. It is a part of the ancestral medicine that flows through me.

It is always an honor to be in your cherished spaces and help them come more alive.

I look forward to connecting!