Clutter Clearing Sessions

My signature Clutter Clearing Workshops are for you if you have a specific targeted spot, project or room that needs major clutter support!

These sessions are less all-encompassing than the Energy Clearing Consults, as they are focused solely on decluttering and organizing 1 specific spot.

Some examples of these sessions are:

  • Bedroom closet
  • Bathroom closet and/or cabinets
  • Guest room turned storage disaster space
  • Photo Albums and picture project
  • Kitchen Pantry and/or Fridge
  • Office Paperwork Project
Clutter Clearing Workshops include:
  • A decluttering system that makes going through your stuff simple!
  • Live support to physically help you sort and organize!
  • Coaching as needed, to support you in moving through the clearing process
  • Organizational maintenance ideas for keeping the space clear going forward!

These sessions can be done in-person or virtually!

In person, I will come to your space to guide and organize the process, as well as manually help you clear it all.

Virtually, it will run more like a consult and I will stay on the call throughout to set up organizational systems, guide you as you make decisions and clear.

BOOK A Clutter Clearing!

I do all of my bookings personally, so please email me at: with inquiries or to book an In-person or Virtual Session.

Clutter Clearing Workshop Rates: $125-$350, with a minimum of 75 minute sessions.

Priced intuitively, based on content and time required.

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