The Voxer Month!

The Voxer Month is for you if:
  • You feel like you know me, trust me & just know we’d have a good time if we hung out IRL.
  • You are curious about coaching together, but the 3-month container feels too big right now.
  • You have a few key areas you want support around that match up with my genius zones (see below!)
  • You prefer voice note convo-style coaching vs. video chats.
  • Not necessary, but helpful: you’ve done an Intuitive Reading & want continued support around the themes that came up.
We’d be a good fit for The Voxer Month if you are seeking support in any of these areas – my genius zones:
  • Physical Health/Body Themes: symptoms, fitness, food, self-concept, relationship with your body/with exercise/with food.
  • Mindset Work: seeing & re-working limiting beliefs
  • Desiring More Joy, Play, and delighting your Inner Child
  • Spirituality/Faith/Mysticism/ The Inner Life
  • Energy & Boundaries/Desiring Spaciousness in work, relationships, daily schedule or lifestyle
  • Nervous System education & fluency with your own body
  • Highly Sensitive, Empaths & Introverts living in this world

$444 for 4 weeks of weekday Voxer coaching (10am-6pm EST)

DM me on Instagram or email me at to start!