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Let me be honest and say that I am not your average house & pet sitter! I offer Exclusive Housesitting Packages that are a unique blend of personalized services not to be found elsewhere.

I am an Intuitive, a Healer and a soul deeply connected to the Earth and Elements.

By virtue of dwelling in your space and caring for your pets while you’re away, I am able to tune into the Spirit of your home and cleanse the energy in various gentle and non-invasive ways.

You return home to a happy and calm pet, and also a home whose Spirit feels bright and serene.

The way I offer this service is unmatched.

Limited Sits & Client Spots Available

Due to the thorough nature of my work in a home, I book a limited number of sits/days per month, so it is wise to reach out sooner than later.

I always book a Meet & Greet prior to booking a sit, to make sure that your home and pets are the right fit for my services.

I’m in this for the long game, and so seek quality over quantity.

I don’t rush booking and will never book a new client without meeting first.

I desire to have an authentic, relational connection with my clients, their home and pets that ideally can be cultivated for years to come!

I am happy to housesit even if you do not have a pet, but would like my other services while you’re away!

I offer many Exclusive Touches that you will not find with an average house/pet sitter:

  • I never double book and also work from home,  so your pets and house always receive my exclusive attention!
  • Gentle, non-invasive Energy Cleansing of the home during my stay.
  • Light decluttering appropriate to stay duration
  • A full Sit Summary is sent to you at the end of my stay, detailing pet & house care, and including any energy maintenance suggestions & tips!
  • Guest Room linens & towels washed and fresh prior to your return!
  • Welcome Home sentiments for you & your family.
  • House immaculate and fresh upon your return!

For Client Reviews, scroll to bottom of page!

For more information on my Energy Clearing Offerings, visit my Healing Spaces page!


  • Dogs, cats, fish, chickens
  • Energy Clearing & Reading of the Home
  • Decluttering Projects for stays longer than 7 days
  • Pool care
  • Plant & Garden Care
  • Mail, Recycling, Trash
  • Photo & Text updates as often as requested!

*Special Note on Puppies under 1 year:  I am happy to sit for puppies of this age if they are the only pet in the home, and if they have a secured inside area that is puppy-proofed, as well as a secured fenced-in yard.

Things I don’t do:

  • Drop ins
  • Dog walking, outside of a longer sit situation
  • Boarding
  • I do not work in homes with reptiles.
  • I am not trained to work with larger farm animals like goats, horses, etc.

Clientele Standard of Care:

Because my work is of high service,  I only work with clientele who maintain these standards of care:

  • Home is well tended and fresh, with plenty of sunlight and good air circulation. It does not need deep cleaning upon arrival in order for me to feel comfortable to live there.
  • Home is a non-smoking and generally odor-free environment
  • Guest bedroom and bathroom are cleaned prior to Housesit
  • Pet hygiene is maintained regularly – grooming, cleanliness, odor, vet checks
  • Pet eating and resting areas are tidy, cleaned & laundered regularly

Rates & Booking:

Start at $70 per day for a House sit with 1 Pet (1 walk included, if applies.)

This is my baseline rate that includes: Housesitting, Pet Responsibilities, Energy Clearing & Reading of the Home and light decluttering appropriate to stay duration.

I price from here intuitively, depending on the amount of overall care needed.

Meet & Greet is always scheduled first to assure a good fit for all! Then, I will send you the link to my Client Intake Form & Agreement to officially get the sit booked!

Email me to book or inquire:

Out of State Housesitting Requests:  If you do not live local to South Jersey, but desire my House Sitting services (and everything that’s included!) in your home while you are away, please email me. Travel costs to and from your home would be included in the cost of the sit, but otherwise I would be more than happy.

Why Housesitting vs. Other Options?
  1. House sitting is the least stressful option for your pets! Your pets are able to remain in their comfy home environment & yard, and stick closely to their usual routines, while having my calming presence around all day!
  2. Ideal for Elderly, Anxious or Younger Pets – for whom a  kennel or staying alone in a crate for most of the day at home would be stressful or scary for them. Additionally, in a kennel or with a dog walker, they would have less 1:1 supervision and attentiveness, esp. if they need medications or specialized care/meals, etc.
  3. Constant Companionship – I never double-book sits, so your pets are always my exclusive priority during my stay. I work mostly from home and so am with them all day, every day with loving attention and playtimes!
  4. No exposure to kennel germs or fights. (A family member’s dog came home with an ear bitten off last year!)
  5. Your property and home are inhabited and cared for during your travels!

A Little About Me:

I just moved back to New Jersey (June 2020,) and had regular, repeat clients in Phoenix & Scottsdale most recently, where I had lived since 2016.

Their reviews (posted below) attest as to how thoughtful and thorough my presence can be in a home, and how much affection and attention I give to all the pets! As of October 2020, every single one of my new NJ clients have re-booked!

Here’s a little Intro video about how I got started House & Pet Sitting:

I presently live car-free, thus wherever I house & pet sit, I ask the owners if they are comfortable lending me a vehicle to use or finding one that can be available to me for the duration of the sit, in case of emergencies.  For this reason, House-sitting is always a part of the deal with me. I do not do only pet-sitting or walks mid-day due to the car-free situation.

Praise from Clients

This was by far the best experience we’ve had with a dog/house sitter! Kelly was an absolutely wonderful sitter for our dog, Miles and our house. She genuinely cares for your pets and home as if they were her own, sends updates as frequently as you’d like, and gives an incredible summary at the end of her stay.  

We’ve never felt more comfortable with someone in our home and would welcome Kelly back any time. She’s the best!

– Aaron & Erin

Kelly checks all the boxes for someone you would want to house & dog sit. Over the few years we have had our large dog, we have been fortunate enough to find good dog sitters to stay in our home, but Kelly has immediately become our 1st choice when reaching out for a sitter.  She is thoughtful in her concise & sweet daily updates, and thorough about absorbing the home & dog’s routine [she has her own survey/list of relevant questions she requires to be filled out in case anything is needed]. The home was left cleaner than we left it, and we were even left with an overview to closeout the stay. She treats the space as if it were her own and we could not have been more at ease while we were away!  Kelly is professional, detail-oriented, respectful and highly recommended to say the least.              -Juhee & Chris

Kelly is extremely responsible & caring! In addition to taking excellent care of our home, she provided our doggie with lots of extra love & affection, taking him on walks and having play time! I would certainly hire her again! – Jane

Kelly is extremely professional, trustworthy and caring. She provided our dog with compassionate care while we were traveling. It was nice to know someone was watching over him while we were gone. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a loving animal care giver. And, we definitely plan to use her again.  -Lynn

If you like my energy and feel like this would be a prosperous and wonderful connection, please email me at


*As mentioned in the video, I am not certified, licensed or insured! Despite this,  my level of care is exceptional and you may never hire another sitter after me again! 😉