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I book a season or more out, so plan ahead!



My name is KellySue and I have been doing exclusively housesitting since 2019! Since 2022, I niched further down to cats only. 

What is housesitting? It means I live in the home with your pets for the duration of your travels. 

Why housesitting? There are so many advantages to housesitting vs. drop-ins or boarding.

Here are just a few:

  1. The most important advantage is that housesitting is the least stressful option for your pets! Your pets are able to remain in their comfy home environment and stick closely to their usual routines, while having my calming presence around all day. This is especially beneficial for elderly, anxious or younger pets.
  2. Constant companionship – Any cat-owner worth their salt knows that cats are indeed social creatures! There is a misconception that “cats are fine for a few days” without their humans. While some cats may be aloof, this does not mean they don’t prefer to have human company in the house. They are very social and feel more at ease with house companionship vs. a random drop in 2x a day. With housesitting, your cats are never alone! I never double-book sits (meaning I am not leaving your home to go drop-in on another sit), so your pets are always my priority during my stay. I work entirely from home and so am with them all day!
  3. No exposure to other pets, germs, potential fights that happen in kennels or boarding situations with strange other pets! 
  4. Your property and home are inhabited round the clock and cared for during your travels!
Why only cats? 

The short answer is because I’m a highly sensitive person (a form of neurodivergence, “hsp”) and that makes me extra sensitive to things in my environment.

For me personally, those things are noise, activity and cleanliness/tidyness of everything in my environment. Cats typically are quieter, less active and cleaner to co-exist with than dogs. I also appreciate the time freedom that cats allow for when it comes to arrival/departure times vs. dogs who always have a much shorter time frame for being left alone, thus causing more challenges when it comes to my travel and schedule as a full time housesitter. (More on that later!)

Tyson, Deptford, NJ



Exclusive Touches of my Housesits
  • Complimentary Meet & Greet 
  • No deposits and no cancellation fees!
  • Constant companionship – I work entirely from home, so your pets and house always receive my exclusive attention! 
  • A full Sit Summary is sent to you at the end of my stay, detailing pet & house care.
  • Daily videos & pic updates!
  • Guest Room linens & towels washed and fresh prior to your return!
  • Welcome Home sentiments for you & your family.
  • House immaculate and fresh upon your return!
*For Client Reviews, scroll to bottom of page!*
  • Cat & House Sitting
  • Fish care
  • Pool care
  • Plant & Garden Care
  • Mail
  • Recycling, Trash
  • Photo & Text updates as often as requested!
Things I don’t do:
  • More than 4 cats in a home
  • Dogs, Farm animals
  • Highly specialized needs cats 
  • Drop ins
  • Boarding
  • Overnights
  • Sits in cities or highly urban areas.


What is Full Time Housesitting?

I am not like other pet sitters!

I house/pet sit full time. 

What does that mean? 

It means that I do not have a home base of my own, but live housesit to housesit. Yes, I have at this point enough clients to do this year round, with a few exceptions here or there.

I book housesits back to back, ending one  sit and starting a new one on the same day: one ends in the morning and then I drive to begin a new sit that same afternoon. I typically will be driving anywhere from 30 minutes – 3 hours to arrive to your home to start your sit, as I’m sometimes sitting as far away as Delaware or Northeastern PA.

Similarly, on the final day of your sit, I will be aiming to arrive at my next sit that same day by midday-afternoon. 

For this reason, I aim for my arrival and departure times to be between 11-2pm, unless specifically requested in advance.

What does that mean for you?

When planning your travels, it means keeping in mind that I will typically be able to arrive to your home between 11-2pm on the day you depart, and likewise will leave your home within that time frame on the day you arrive home. 

If you require an earlier arrival or later departure time, please make that request at the time of your booking, so that I know not to book another sit that same day. Early and late time requests are not my preference because it often means I cannot book back to back, and therefore need to make a stopover for a single nite somewhere else, unpack, re-pack and travel an extra time. If you regularly need an early/late request, it’s likely we are not a fit. A way to meet in the middle that has occasionally worked out well for both parties is to allow me to arrive the night before or stay over the night you arrive home. This is a welcome middle meeting point, where appropriate.

Navigating everyone’s travel plans and all the pet care is a detailed process and while I do wish to accommodate all pets and pet parents as best as I can, it is also my priority to not over-extend myself.

I appreciate your understanding and as much flexibility that you can give with arrival & departure times, as I reciprocate this flexibility to you by not requiring a deposit and not charging for cancellation.

Kero, Spinni and Phoebe (Yardley, PA)
How to Book Dates?

A Meet & Greet is always scheduled prior to booking to assure we are an appropriate fit. A Meet & Greet is typically about an hour.

When I come to your home, I am looking for:

  • A very clean & tidy home and pet areas, non-smoking and no pet odors. 
  • An orientation to the cat’s feeding, litter and play routines. Medication or special instructions as needed.
  • A tour of the home, especially where I will be staying (bedroom and bath), and the kitchen. 
  • An orientation to any plant, pool, or housecare as needed (recycle, trash, etc.)
  • An orientation to the alarm if needed, as well as TV remote if complicated!
  • A casual time with you to chat & get to know each other, so we can see if we both feel at ease. 

I usually decided on the spot if we are a fit and will say so in that moment. Once we are confirmed a fit, I will send you the link to my Client Intake Form & Agreement to officially get the sit booked!

Email me to book or inquire:


Rates are charged by the day and start at $75/day for 1 cat.

There are no half-day rates or nightly rates.

There is a 3 day minimum for all sits. 

My rates are extremely reasonable for 24 hour care in the South Jersey area, where rates for 10-hour overnites can range from $65-$125, and 30-minute drop ins and 30-minute dog walks can be $30 each!

I simply charge by the day, no matter what time I arrive or depart, considering my rates are on the more affordable side of the local range.

With me in your home, you are getting round the clock housesitting and 24 hour pet companionship for a rate that is a steal!

Payment in full is due by the last day of the sit. I will send an invoice for your records, but you may pay via: cash, checks, venmo (@HealingSpaces) or via *Stripe (credit card.) 

Cancellation Policy:

I do not take deposits, and if you have booked dates and later have to change plans, I will not charge you.

Just as you grant me flexibility with arrival/departure times, I wish to return that grace. My clients become like family to me. I typically only take on 1-2 new clients per year, and do not run this like a corporate business. I live my life in your home for weeks every year – it holds memories for me too. Your house becomes a second home to me. You and your pets are more like family than clients.

If you cancel within 1 month to the time of your booked dates and wish to offer compensation, 25% of your total balance is the typical deposit amount and that consideration is always appreciated, but never required.


I have a partner, Nate Downes, who will visit the house during the course of the sit. Nate has visited all my sits since 2023 and met various clients in person. We are happy to do a meet & greet together for new clients. We also have a ‘couples profile’ on Trusted Housesitters with multiple 5-star reviews and we regularly house/petsit as a couple on that platform.

This is simply a non-negotiable for me. 

If a potential client does not feel at ease with this arrangement, then we are not a fit. 

Nate does not live in the home full time like I do, but rather visits on weekends or during the week here and there. He is well versed with pets and they all have made easy friends with him. He resides in Gibbstown with his brother and 2 cats. He works in IT and is a South Jersey native, like myself. Moreover, in my opinion, it is to the homeowners advantage to have Nate nearby/accessible as he is well versed in things like home maintenance, IT things and other areas that are not my zone of genius. He has fixed garage door openers, handled alarm glitches and offers another set of hands to love on your pets! Two animal-loving nerds are better than one! 

Clientele Standard of Care:

Because my work is of highest quality and I believe homes and pets should be mindfully tended to, I only work with clientele who maintain these standards of care:

  • Home is well tended and fresh, with plenty of sunlight and good air circulation. It does not require deep cleaning upon arrival in order for me to feel comfortable to live there.
  • Home is a non-smoking and odor-free environment
  • Guest bedroom and bathroom are cleaned prior to Housesit
  • Pet hygiene is maintained regularly – grooming, cleanliness, odor, vet checks
  • Pet eating and resting areas are tidy, cleaned & laundered regularly


A Little About Me:

I am a South Jersey native, but began my House/Pet sitting journey during my life in Arizona, where I had regular, repeat clients in Phoenix & Scottsdale starting in 2019. 

I’ve been back in NJ since June 2020 and have enjoyed meeting local clients and receiving their repeated business!

I work from home as a Virtual Assistant to business owners, and in my free time love salsa dancing and hiking with Nate!

Praise from Clients

This was by far the best experience we’ve had with a dog/house sitter! Kelly was an absolutely wonderful sitter for our dog, Miles and our house. She genuinely cares for your pets and home as if they were her own, sends updates as frequently as you’d like, and gives an incredible summary at the end of her stay.  We’ve never felt more comfortable with someone in our home and would welcome Kelly back any time. She’s the best! – Aaron & Erin /Miles (Phoenix, AZ)

I could not recommend KellySue any higher, she’s exactly who you want caring for your best little buddy and/or your home. Everything from the first introduction meeting we had has been so professional and you can feel how serious she takes being the caregiver to your pets and homes. We are able to relax and enjoy our vacations when KellySue is at our home, knowing that things will continue to run as if we were there ourselves. I appreciate the photos/videos she sends as they allow us to see our dog behaving as usual. You will not regret using KellySue for whatever it is that you need, thanks for everything! – Joe & Meredith/Cooper (Mullica Hill, NJ)

Kelly checks all the boxes for someone you would want to house & dog sit. Over the few years we have had our large dog, we have been fortunate enough to find good dog sitters to stay in our home, but Kelly has immediately become our 1st choice when reaching out for a sitter.  She is thoughtful in her concise & sweet daily updates, and thorough about absorbing the home & dog’s routine [she has her own survey/list of relevant questions she requires to be filled out in case anything is needed]. The home was left cleaner than we left it, and we were even left with an overview to closeout the stay. She treats the space as if it were her own and we could not have been more at ease while we were away!  Kelly is professional, detail-oriented, respectful and highly recommended to say the least.   -Juhee & Chris/Moose (Phoenix, AZ)

Kelly is extremely responsible & caring! In addition to taking excellent care of our home, she provided our doggie with lots of extra love & affection, taking him on walks and having play time! I would certainly hire her again! – Jane & Steve/Murray (Scottsdale, AZ)

Kelly is extremely professional, trustworthy and caring. She provided our dog with compassionate care while we were traveling. It was nice to know someone was watching over him while we were gone. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a loving animal care giver. And, we definitely plan to use her again.  -Lynn/Dante (Scottsdale, AZ)

KellySue has sat for us many times. She often leaves the house in better shape than when we left! She has always taken care of our pets as if they were her own. She has our highest recommendation!!!!! – Shaelene & Chris/Ralphy & Lucy (Medford, NJ)

The house and dogs were calm and peaceful. I thought you were great. I was impressed with how detailed the sit summary was, and appreciate the time and care you took for the dogs and our home. Loved the pictures sent and the flowers and card was a nice treat to come home to! – Katie/Faith & Norm (Voorhees, NJ)


KellySue had wonderful recommendations, and I wanted the very best person for my dog. Kelly was so easy to communicate with. She sent photos of Taylor every day and also let me know how she was doing.  I just know that I had no worries while I was gone, and that made my time away so much more enjoyable! – Joan/Taylor (Haddonfield, NJ)

KellySue provides an invaluable service. She’s kind, thoughtful and very respectful of your home. KellySue cared for 2 senior cats & now is sitting for 2 more. All of them loved her & seemed to miss her when she left. – Carolyn/Mooch & Hoodie (Haddonfield, NJ)

KellySue is smart, sunny and dog- and cat-loving young woman. She has house and pet sat for us before, and at the end of our time away, she was quite meticulous in making sure not only that our dog was fed, brushed and walked, but also that the house was in the same condition as when she arrived. She also gave us a small token of her appreciation at the end of her time here. Highly recommended! -John & Erin/Leah (Phoenix, AZ)


Featured Pets: Miles, Mina, Moose, Lucy, Nelly, Frankie, Taylor, Monty, Mina, Mooch and Cooper!

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