Body Fluency Course

Body Fluency is my signature online self-paced video course that guides you into deeper harmony with your body and intuition.

Here is everything that you receive!

Bundle Content Includes

Journal prompts & practices to open and ready your field for the course!

8 Units 

6+ hours of pre-recorded content infused with energy and grace!

10+ Bonuses

2+ hours of bonus videos sprinkled throughout for extra support!

Homework, PRactices, Meditations 

Accompany each unit: journaling, body-based practices, meditations, ways to integrate the content into your life. 

Unit 1: Awe

The starting point for anything we love. Taking you through the basics of our bodily systems in an easy manner, so as to induce awe for the marvelous vessel of life that you are.

Unit 2: Stress

Unpacking all the layers of stress that life & mainstream culture has placed on our bodies. We talk stress hormones, stress addiction, nutrition and the nervous system. We can’t tune into our intuition, let alone follow it if we are living in chronic stress, be it mental, emotional or physical

Unit 3: Rest

Healing the over-stressed body. Diving into the multifaceted ways our body, mind and spirit require spacious time to not only rest, but to recover and restore itself to natural balance. The natural state must be restored if we desire to learn our body’s language & tap into our intuition. Otherwise, it’s always mixed or blurry signals at best. 

Unit 4: Flow

The menstrual cycle! Such a critical piece for any human, menstruating or not! To know how the natural cycle works, unpacking in an easy manner the basics of the hormone fluctuations and how the cycle also affects: relationships & intimacy, energy levels, sociability & work life, and of course intuition.

Unit 5: Fluency

This unit pulls all the pieces together for you to begin weaving Body Fluency into your daily life, in the ways that only you can. 

Unit 6: Fullness

Once you are Body Fluent, this unit guides you to harness your inner compass & tools to create for yourself the life of your desires in a deeply grounded (not fluffy-woo) way. We go into scarcity vs. abundance mindset work (to counteract our societal conditioning,) timelines, wealth, talents and self-worth.

Unit 7: Trauma & The Body

A starter unit on the impacts of early childhood trauma and traumatic activations later in life and how they lodge in the body until their cycles are completed. How this affects our energy, thought patterns, and ability to move into the life of our dreams. Nervous System 101 which is vital to having a lasting, alive connection with our body in day to day life.  

Unit 8: Movement

Unpacking the false narratives around exercise and helping you connect to your intuition and hear which types of movement your body wants and needs in each season of your life. Contrary to popular opinion, what your body wants and needs as movement will ebb and flow and so we must learn to listen to that, while having the basics of movement & it’s impact on the body in our minds, so we know what should always be a priority.

Why Do I Need This Bundle in My Life?

Because you desire to move through life deeply guided by your Intuition, BUT you remain disconnected from your body or always talk yourself out of your higher wisdom…

Because you want to rid your life of toxic patterns, dysfunctional relationships and soul-sucking jobs, YET you haven’t made any actual moves… 

Because you want to set boundaries & honor yourself more, YET you can’t seem to stick to your new standards….

Because with everything going on in the world, you yearn to feel safe, secure and always guided, YET with each new global upheaval, you find yourself falling victim to fear…

Because you go to therapy, journal, and have practices in order to feel happier, deeply supported and free in this Life, YET you aren’t feeling it yet…

The reason why these well-intended desires and practices never actually land in real life is because humans are missing a critical piece, namely THE BODY & becoming FLUENT in it’s unique language. 

We can’t follow our intuition, 

set better boundaries, 

communicate our needs, 

leave toxic places, 

heal our trauma, 

create space for joy, 

or feel truly deeply supported by Life Itself 

If we do not make it our Devotion to Deeply Re-Connect to our Bodies, 

If we do not make it our Devotion to become Fluent with what It is speaking to us and through us.


We lack Body Fluency, which includes:

  • An intimate relationship and honoring of our body
  • The fluency to interpret her signals, movements and messages
  • A ever-flowing consulting, listening and honoring of the guidance that is given to us.

Body Fluency is a coming home to our native ways of knowing and navigating life.

THIS! My Friend, is why you need this course in your life.

What This Bundle Is

Body Fluency shifts you from disconnected, numb or aversion into inspired awe and deep appreciation for & thorough understanding of your body.

Provides the content & practices needed to recover and restore your body from the effects of chronic stress, in order to allow it to be a clearer channel of intuition and guidance. 

Guides you from Beginner to Advanced (Fluent!) connection & communication with your body’s unique manner of language.

Shifts You from low self confidence, low self-worth, lack of direction, feeling unsupported and over-stimulated to → naturally confident, self-honoring, deeply grounded, and serenely navigating life via your inner compass. 

Weaves Body Fluency into your daily life, enabling you to attune to your intuition and actually live by it. 

What this Bundle is Not: 

Body Fluency is not me teaching you how to do exactly what I do. Each body has its own unique language. Only YOU can decode your body’s natural way of expressing and signaling to you. Only you can interpret how intuition works through your vessel.

In Body Fluency, I give you a framework, share supportive practices, shed light on areas that will guide you, and offer a spacious container & community for you to begin to cultivate this new relationship and learn this new language.

But You are the one exploring, listening, trying new practices, devoting the time and cultivating the relationship with your body & with your intuition.

I Want In!

Body Fluency,

  • with all her 7+ hours of content
  • infused energy & intentions, devotional practices,
  • AND the transformational way I know this course will elevate your entire Life from this point on –

is valued at $777!

Course Price: $333

How Does This Work?

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