What’s a Virtual Assistant and Why Hire one?

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A VA is a remote worker that provides administrative, creative or technical support services for online or brick-and-mortar businesses. VA’s come with all types of skill sets such as graphic design, real estate, branding, social media, accounting and a plethora of other ways to support a business. They are basically like regular staff or contracted workers, with the difference that they are able to perform all their duties remotely. This is the beauty of living in our advanced techie world!

Why hire a VA?

Here is a short list, but a quick google search will pull up dozens of articles regarding this topic as well:

  1. Saves Money – hiring a VA for specific tasks or projects is less expensive than hiring a salaried full or part-time employee.
  2. Saves Time – VA’s come with specific skill sets that you are looking for; you will spend less time in hiring & training them than you would an employee. They don’t need to know everything, they are just there to help with specific tasks. Hiring, interviewing & training a new staffer can take a few months! VA’s can begin supporting you this week!
  3. Help You Use Your Time Wisely – VA’s take things off your plate, so you can spend your time doing what you do best!
  4. Relieve You of Undesirable Tasks – VA’s do all the things that you dislike, but that you must complete in order to maintain your business, so you can spend more time doing the things you love!
  5. Back Burner Items – VA’s can finally help you bring that project or idea to life that has been sitting on the back burner, that you never get to.
  6. Increases Productivity – with the VA & you each doing that which you do best, the business itself will propel forward into greater success due to the greater efficiency!
  7. Space – you don’t need to accommodate a VA in your office; they work remotely!

The way I see it: when you hire a VA, you are relieving yourself of all the tasks that you perform for your business that do not necessarily generate income. Hiring a VA opens up for you hours of time each week to do the things that bring in the money, namely to accept and take on new clients!

For example: Let’s take a small consulting business. Tasks that the business owner carries out on a weekly basis might be: replying to emails, researching data, logging client information, updating her website, tracking invoices, scheduling and travel plans. These tasks can easily add up to 10-20 hours a week for any business owner, if not more. Those are hours she is not with her clients, those are hours she is not charging for. If she hires a VA to take care of those items, that frees her to spend those 20 hours with new clients, thus bringing in more income than when she was doing the work “for free” on her own. In most cases, the business owner will bring in more income by taking on new clients in those hours, than she will “lose” by hiring a VA.

So, if the world of Virtual Assistants is new to you, I welcome you warmly and hope that this intro has helped explain a little bit about this new culture of work!

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