Wild Blessings and Welcome!

I’m KellySue Fitzharris and here’s a little about me:

I am an Intuitive, Highly Sensitive Empath and Healer.

I am a Virgo in most senses of the word.

I grew up in a family of Healers. It is the tapestry of my life.

I spent ages 22-30 as a Catholic missionary nun.

I’m 39 now, live on a Farm and spend most of my free time reading books and in nature.

I am assuredly an old soul with a childlike spirit.

I’m also the white girl who speaks Spanish so good I regularly wow the native speakers. ha.

Things That Delight Me: Hiking, Coffee, Flowers, Books, Dancing, Photography, Nachos, Farm Life, Cozy Cafes and my wilderness kitty, Shimmer.

My Offerings

My gift is my Presence and the Energy that moves through me.

Spirit. Presence. Life.

All of my offerings are emanations of this.

These are all things I’ve been doing  intuitively for my whole life.

Now they are simply defined and refined with intention and mastery.