Spring Sings

Lessons to Flow with the Medicines of the Season

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Live dates: April 22-May 6th, 2023

These telegram containers are a ‘choose your own adventure’ vibe – if you wish to join the group, share insights, make friends inside, lovely! If you feel more called to receive the lessons & do the practices as a solo journey, go Monk Mode. Both are welcome!


Each day will contain a 15-25 minute Voice Lesson + Homework (practices, journal prompts, activities.)

Lesson 1: Rebirth is @ the Heart of All Spiritual Traditions

  • Spiritual Lay of the Land: Ramadan/Eid, Lent/Easter, Passover, Holi, Ostara/Beltane
  • Themes: Spiritual Cleansing, Seasons of Inner Renewal, Death to New Life, Feasting

Lesson 2: Spring Cleaning – Intro to Chinese Medicine & Physical Detox (Food & Movement)

  • Spring is linked to the Liver (yin) and Gallbladder (yang) organs
  • Lymphatic System
  • Signs and Symptoms of stagnation and inflammation
  • Food and Movement to nourish and support these organs and systems


Nervous System Mini: Orientation and Intraception 

  • Guided Practice
  • Two somatic skills that can help regulate stress, and also are used to assist being fully present in the room, in your body, in your life

Lesson 3: Wood Element of Spring – Don’t Burn Too Bright. Striking the Balance. 

  • Wood as the element associated with Spring; qualities of wood, yang in energy.
  • Learning to balance quick growth with rootedness and rest; Titration.
  • Symptoms of imbalanced wood energy
  • Early signs of burnout
  • Somatic practices for burnout prevention
  • Remedies for burnout or overactive wood energy (foods & practices)

Lesson 4: Embracing Beginner Energy as a staple for an Exciting Life

  • Using Spring energies – play, youthful, light – to help try new things without a goal
  • Why travel is so intoxicating; brain chemistry and hormones
  • Exposure therapy for being a beginner at anything
  • Practices for integrating new activities weekly, monthly, into your life.
  • Examining fears around being a beginner

Lesson 5 : Learning the Art of Integration

  • Root of the word Integrate
  • Integration as a lost, subtle somatic skill that our bodies require
  • Integration is allowing our bodies proper ebb and flow periods after a rise in stress or activation, be it small/short or large/long
  • Somatic practice to bring Integration into your day, which naturally will bring more rest into your life


Mini Lesson: Feast of Beltane

  • Ancient agricultural origins of this time of year (before Beltane became witchy and even spiritual!)
  • This energy can be used to help in planting the seeds (and boundaries!) we want in our life this year
  • Ritual and practice ideas for using Beltane energy to support the planting of your seeds


Lesson 6 : Spring Cleaning – Emotional & Inner Life

  • Emotions linked to Spring are Anger, Frustration
  • Conditioning to suppress and ignore our natural emotional expressions takes time to unlearn
  • Somatic and journaling practices to encourage emotional expression, to encourage staying in the discomfort in order to express it
  • Recruiting support for this type of work
  • Stress Management skills and remedies (b/c if our SM is poor, our emotional tolerance and skillfulness is low.)

Lesson 7: Spring in our Cycles

  • Days 8-13
  • Energy and hormone levels
  • Appropriate activities and level of output during this week
  • Using this time to prepare for Winter Week
Spring Sings is for you if:

~You are feeling energetically stagnant or frustrated
~You have ideas of new things to try or land, but need support grounding them into reality
~You are afraid to try new things, but want to get better at trying
~You feel pulled to an internal detox at this time
~This time of year feels lively and you want to dive deeper into it’s special energies
~You have a lot of inspiration and ideas, but need support deciding what’s worth your energy


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