5 Ways Clearing Clutter Supports Your Health

Your home is a metaphor for your body. As you clear your space from clutter and stagnant energies, your body naturally registers the shift and you physically feel lighter, more energized and function with greater ease.

Mindful Living Space Clearing

 5 ways that clearing clutter will enhance your health:

#1 You Breathe Better

Less clutter means greater chi circulation in your space and your lungs will notice! More space for fresh, purer air to flow through. 

#2 Supports the Liver

I love the liver! It is the greatest detoxing organ we have. In addition to processing toxins we take in from foods and the environment, it also takes on added mental or emotional stress that we cannot consciously process… like a cluttered home that is lowkey stressing us out!

So, as you declutter your space, your liver will register the shift. It will feel more at ease because you will be more at ease mentally and energetically.  It will have less stress vibes to take on, and therefore function better for you.

#3 Calmer Mind

Clear space, clearer mind! When you arrive home to a clear space, to minimal visual and energetic clutter, your mind feels at ease and your body registers a calm. 

There are not piles of random clutter all over, sapping all of your mental energy and flooding into your visual field.

#4 Better Sleep

As you remove clutter from under your bed, as you declutter and organize your closet and bedroom, you increase the Calm Vibe there and support yourself in getting a deeper nights sleep.

(Which also enhances assimilation of your nutrients, supports your immune system, and helps you feel emotionally happier the next day!)

#5 Better Digestion

A serene and clear space ignites the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows you to digest and fully receive all your nutrients, AND ALSO have a more peaceful digestion (less gas and reflux, etc!)

This list could go on, but these are some of the most obvious and most advantageous benefits to decluttering your space!

Why Clearing Our Spaces Matters

(Article written for Natural Awakenings Magazine, South Jersey – January 2021)

Our spaces hold so much for us. They are our homes that nourish us, our offices that inspire us, and our rooms that provide us refuge, warmth and function. This year especially, our spaces have even been blended into offices and classrooms! 

Two Types of Clearing

Energetic Clearing is vital because our spaces hold onto energies, emotions and thought patterns. They linger in the space and can imprint into the room, affecting you long afterwards. This is why you can usually feel if there’s been an argument in a room, even after the people have left! Or why you feel heavy or harsh energy in someone’s house – whatever has taken place is still in the air, literally. 

Physical Clearing is actual decluttering and is so underrated as a powerful avenue for healing! Often our clutter – type, where and how it’s stashed – holds the answers to our health problems or reveals what is keeping us stuck. 

Why Hire an Expert

Hiring a professional is wise because the task can feel daunting on so many levels! A true Healer of Spaces will provide you with both the emotional support, as well as the proper systems you will need along the way!

3 Clearing Tips for Office Overwhelm

Office Organization Tips

Especially with so many working from home these days,  (but also for those working in actual office spaces) it’s ultra supportive to bookend your “office hours” with some simple clearing rituals.

And ALSO to have clearing habits throughout your workday, so that your office space remains fresh, clear and energizing for you.

Energy Clearing Rituals Keep you Feeling Good!

Incorporating some simple habits like these can be the difference between whether you feel revitalized or drained after work each day.

For example:

If your office vibe is open-ended, having no clear start or finish, no boundaries,  or is rushed, crammed, stuffy or grind-y, then the work, projects and overall energy you are outputting will be the same. 

And, (more importantly imo) how you FEEL as you move through it all will also be leaky, rushed, crammed, or grind-y.

Thus creating the effect that you have a draining and crammed week.


If, however, your office vibe is intentional, nourishing, spacious and grounded, then the work you have a hand in will echo those frequencies out to all who receive it. 

And, (more importantly!) You will FEEL nourished, spacious and relaxed Along the Way. (Because, Along the Way matters!)

Which creates the effect that you ENJOY the process and feel GOOD throughout your work week.

Three Rituals for the Office

1.) Set Your Intention

Instead of entering your office space with a flurry and diving right into whatever pops into your inbox, take a moment to remember your sovereignty.

Sovereignty meaning your power to set the energetic tone for your day and the overall feel of the work you put out, and how you interact with humanity that day.

Sit at your desk, both feet on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and surround all of your work (in your mind’s eye) with your intentions – with joy, inspiration, cooperation, and whatever else is the reason you do what you do!

See that energy flow into every email, zoom room and interaction you have.

You create an energetic field (read: impact in the world around you) with your thoughts and the work that flows out of you, whether you do it intentionally or not. By taking a moment to set your intention, you are creating the tone for your day and grounding yourself, anchoring into your sovereignty and intending to emanate goodness into your work.

This helps us remember that life is not happening to us, it helps us not be dragged along by the day or the needs of the world. It keeps us in our calm, grounded creative power!

2.) Clear the Room

After any long zooms, meetings or calls – let the space breathe! Get up, leave your office space, open windows and keep the door open. You may even want to use an energy clearing tool like an essential oil diffuser or sustainably sourced smudge stick to clear all the energy.

Whether we have virtual meetings or in-person, with many or just with an individual – all the energetics from said meeting linger in that space.

So, before you move onto something new, take 5 to let your office space breathe! You will feel the fresher energy upon your return!

As a coach, I personally do this in between client sessions. Even though they are virtual, I get up, open my windows and palo santo my desk space if I have coaching calls back to back. The difference is palpable, and I recommend that anyone who holds the role of therapist/coach and is regularly holding emotional space for others create a simple clearing ritual in between clients, not only for yourself, but so that each client enters a clear space.

3.) Put Everything To Bed Before EOD

Everything at your desk that you use daily should still have a “home” you place it in before you leave the office. (Again, even if your office right now is just the kitchen table.)

All relevant papers, all tools like calculators, writing utensils, staplers, usb drives, etc. should have a known Home and prior to wrapping up your day, it’s a great closing ritual to put everything to bed!

This way, you will return the next day to a clean and clear office space, instead of a scatterful desk mess pleading for your attention!

(*These types of rituals can be applied in other arenas of the work force too, just adapt to the setting. I worked in catering and food for many years, so a simple ritual for beginning a shift might be to put on your apron and take 3 deep breaths while setting your intention to be of kind and attentive service, both to the clientele as well as to your coworkers. As a mid-shift clearing, I would often take my breaks outside to get some sunshine and fresh air. Little rituals like this can be created in any work type environment, not just an office space, and I guarantee your vibe will uplift everyone around you! The magic we wield is not in the what, but in the HOW we do the things!)

Ritual as Bookends

So, whether you work for yourself or someone else, whether you actually have an office or a desk of your own doesn’t matter. 

The point is that you can create simple, meaningful rituals to bookend your shifts,  and find small ways to breathe space into your day – reminding yourself that You Get to Set the Tone for how you feel, where you place your attention, and the type of experience you have.

That life (or work) isn’t happening TO you, but you are receiving that experience and responding to it with intentional energy, such as joy, creativity, inspiration and a desire to help others!

What work rituals do you have?!

The 4 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Clutter Clearing


If you’ve attempted to declutter in fits and starts, and nothing has really stuck, it’s likely you’re making some of these common mistakes. But don’t beat yourself up about it,  just elevate your game next time and keep going! It can only get better!

1.) You Think It’s Gonna Suck!

If clearing clutter always feels like an annoying and difficult task in your mind, then it WILL actually be that way when you do it. 

Sometimes all we need to make a task feel lighter is a calming breath, and an intentional perspective shift:

Instead of allowing the old mental patterns of: 

“Decluttering is so hard, annoying and NOT fun….” to start running their course through your mind, intentionally create new thought patterns before you begin that focus on how clearing clutter is going to make you feel or all the benefits of it!

You may even write your intentions down in your journal to really anchor them in:

  • I will feel calmer and brighter and more capable of all the things!
  • Clearing clutter will help my space to breathe and invite in new, fresh energy!
  • I am creating a more supportive and nourishing home for myself right now!
  • Having a clear space will enhance my health, creativity and optimism!

You get the vibe. See? Even those thoughts FEEL happier!


2.) You Don’t Make It a Vibe

Take a moment to set yourself up for feeling good WHILE you work – make some coffee or tea, turn on your tunes, light a candle! (And definitely give yourself a few hours, so you don’t feel rushed!)

When you make it feel good along the way – Supported, Relaxed, Easeful –  

you’re more likely to remain truly present with yourself and make the best decisions as you go!


3.) Ignoring the Messages

To declutter without paying deeper attention to what the space is speaking to you is one of the biggest reasons why nothing stays organized: 

You have not hit the root cause.

You haven’t softened or slowed down enough to truly listen to the message your space is speaking to you.

Our homes speak messages to us all the time! 

They reflect back our interior life very clearly.

Our clutter holds keys for us that lead us to freedom, clarity and healing –

if only we take the time to be open to the messages along the way. 


4.) Not Leaving Open Space 

It is one of the hardest things for people to leave open space where there used to be things! We want to fill up the shelves and spaces with something right away, right?

But let me ask you:

If all your shelves, drawers and walls are full of stuff –

where can new life, opportunities, relationships and magic flow into?

Nowhere, My Friend!

So, we must leave open spaces after we clear clutter, however uncomfortable it feels at first.

And, as with all things, we nurture that open space with our intentions: calling in new opportunities for work, new supportive people in our lives, new creative ideas. 

So, this holiday break, once all the hoolah settles (made that up) and you’re Feelin’ like Clearin’ – 

Make sure you keep these 4 tips in mind and watch how it elevates your game!


5 Ways to Cleanse your Personal Energy Field (Without Smudging)⠀

Energy Clearing
Your personal field needs an energetic cleanse more often than you realize!⠀
Why? Because lingering energies can affect you A LOT and impact how you feel for the rest of the day.⠀
Anytime you’ve been around lots of people, been into various stores or places, the energies of those persons and spaces linger in your personal field and also in your clothing. And, depending on how vulnerable your field is, they can have an intense impact on how you feel for hours afterwards. ⠀
Cleansing your field regularly is actually an Empowering Practice that helps you ground & center and allows you to take full responsibility for your energy and how you feel. ⠀
And it doesn’t have to be fancy!⠀
Why No Smudging?
While smudging is great, if you or your roommates are sensitive to smell, it’s not always an option. ⠀
Secondly, lots of smudge sticks sold out there are not sustainably sourced, so these non-smudging ways are options anyone can do without any special tools!⠀⠀
Energy Clearing
5 Ways to Clear your Field
Anytime you feel drained, frazzled, off-center or blah – try these!⠀
1.) Strip and Shower – Energy clings to our clothes and water is naturally cleansing!⠀
2.) Sweat, Shake or Dance – As you move, the chi in your body (blood, water, fluids, lymph) moves through! Sweating is literally a detox and movement itself can shift your vibration back to you!⠀
3.) Nature – Sit or walk outside for 15 minutes. Sunshine and breeze are the original energy cleansers!⠀
4.) Chant or Hum “Om” – The frequency of creation. Brings your body and field back to a peaceful home state.⠀
5.) Breathing Techniques – The breathe is cleansing in and of it self! A few minutes of intentional slow or belly breathing can shift the energy in your body & field. ⠀
How Often to Cleanse
My most frequently used is the shower! I shower after coming home from most things: work, travels, shopping, gatherings. I am very sensitive to energy from others and from places, and can feel it in my field when I arrive home. So I often do a quick rinse and put on new clothes before going about anything further in my home space.
However, I do practice all of these regularly, because I believe that keeping my personal energy field clear is of utmost importance to not only my emotional state, but also to staying in alignment with my mission and purpose here as I move through this lifetime.
So I recommend trying to incorporate a personal energy clearing ritual into your day, see which ones feel natural and easy for you. They become like tools you can use when you feel wonky, which, in today’s world, can be quite often!
That’s all for now!
Stay Clear, Dear!

3 Main Places Clutter Drains Your Energy

3 Main Places Clutter Drains Your Energy
(and the Spiritual Messages behind it)


One huge energy drain that is often overlooked is: Clutter!

Yes, make the boundaries with the humans.

Yes, let go of the toxic relationships.

Yes, move your body and get into nature.

These all get us our energy back for sure.

But don’t underestimate the drain the clutter your spaces is having on you. It is subtle, but potentially chronic if not tended.

If you have put into place some health or personal goals, and after months of trying to make it happen, still cannot move forward – I would check out your space! It could be the missing piece holding you down!

The chi in your spaces needs to be able to flow freely around, under and through. Clutter catches energy, holds it, and then vibrates that energy out into your spaces, and into your personal energy field, your mind and body. Similar to how too much exposure to tv or social media can drain you mentally and physically, so can Clutter! 

All Clutter has an Energetic and a Spiritual Aspect. Below are three of the main places Clutter can drain your energy and their underlying messages.


1.) Under the Bed

Especially emotionally charged stuff like: financials, remembrances from past relationships, old photo albums, or simply boxes of unorganized crap. (Storage containers of organized, neutral belongings like clothes or decor have less draining effect.)

Energetics: heavy & emotional, or scatterful & frenetic. 

Spiritual Messages: What are you not letting go of? What are you avoiding to pull into the light and truly face?

The mess that is hiding is not as scary once the light is shed on it.

You actually have more than enough to face it and tame it, or face it and release it. 

2.) The Messy Desk

Scattered paper clutter, random decor, junk drawers and overstuffed filing drawers.

Energetics: Frazzled & Ungrounded

Spiritual Messages: Where are you only doing Life at surface level?

Where are you not anchored deeply? Why is the time not worth it?

The mind convinces you the time spent in organizing, tossing the trash and creating systems of ease it isn’t worth it.

Maybe that’s how you sabotage your greatness & your genius?

 Go deep. Unearth. Unravel it all. Then lay the solid foundations and allow your Spirit to soar.

3.) The Bursting Closets

When you open the closets, the stuff starts tumbling out upon your face, the clothes have no breathing room and the floor is an utter mess.

Energetics: Avoidance & Looming Fears

Spiritual Messages: What is so stuffed down in your heart that it can’t breathe? 

Where do you mistrust Life Herself to provide for you? 

Everything needs space to breathe. 

Everything needs to see the light of day. 

You will breathe easier when this space breathes easier. 

Your heart needs space to breathe and it needs the light of your awareness to shine on it. 

Trust that you can hold space for whatever tumbles out from behind the doors. 

Trust that You’ve got You. 

And Trust that Life’s got you, if you allow Her in and create the space for new life!

On a Personal Note

Everything in our life is a mirror. Our home, the items we keep, how we keep them – they all speak reflections back to us regarding our inner state. We often are looking our answers in the face daily, but not truly seeing the messages they hold for us.

I know it can feel overwhelming and dreadful to dive into your clutter! I know there are dozens of “logical” excuses why not to start today.

As a Soul Friend, I tell you that is just the Ego trying to keep you safe and secure in your current box of life. It fears you will actually die. It always tries to keep us “safe” and is ever fearful of change (even expansive, positive change!)

But you’re Spirit knows you won’t die if you declutter!

(You see how TRUE that statement feels? Trust that.)

I promise you that I know all too well the fears that come with stepping into your Gifts & Greatness! I’m still doing it! For some it’s clutter, for others it’s leaving a toxic relationship, for others it’s finally selling their creations!

But this life needs us to rise into our greatness! If it is not painstakingly clear this 2020 year, it is time to face our fears, clear out the junk and step into the Light of who we are here to be!

For us, and for the world!




If just the thought of decluttering makes you cringe, but you also know that your clutter is more than likely what is low key draining your vibes, book a Clearing Consult!

My Energy Clearing Consults are the Nourishing Blend of Masterful decluttering, with a side of Warmth and Spiritual Support as we go! 

Wouldn’t you want me helping you declutter and chatting about it as we go?!

I don’t think I was made for a better pairing! 

Virtual Consults available too!

Check my Healing Spaces page for all the details and types of sessions you can book! 

Happy Clearing!