3 Clearing Tips for Office Overwhelm

Office Organization Tips

Especially with so many working from home these days,  (but also for those working in actual office spaces) it’s ultra supportive to bookend your “office hours” with some simple clearing rituals.

And ALSO to have clearing habits throughout your workday, so that your office space remains fresh, clear and energizing for you.

Energy Clearing Rituals Keep you Feeling Good!

Incorporating some simple habits like these can be the difference between whether you feel revitalized or drained after work each day.

For example:

If your office vibe is open-ended, having no clear start or finish, no boundaries,  or is rushed, crammed, stuffy or grind-y, then the work, projects and overall energy you are outputting will be the same. 

And, (more importantly imo) how you FEEL as you move through it all will also be leaky, rushed, crammed, or grind-y.

Thus creating the effect that you have a draining and crammed week.


If, however, your office vibe is intentional, nourishing, spacious and grounded, then the work you have a hand in will echo those frequencies out to all who receive it. 

And, (more importantly!) You will FEEL nourished, spacious and relaxed Along the Way. (Because, Along the Way matters!)

Which creates the effect that you ENJOY the process and feel GOOD throughout your work week.

Three Rituals for the Office

1.) Set Your Intention

Instead of entering your office space with a flurry and diving right into whatever pops into your inbox, take a moment to remember your sovereignty.

Sovereignty meaning your power to set the energetic tone for your day and the overall feel of the work you put out, and how you interact with humanity that day.

Sit at your desk, both feet on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and surround all of your work (in your mind’s eye) with your intentions – with joy, inspiration, cooperation, and whatever else is the reason you do what you do!

See that energy flow into every email, zoom room and interaction you have.

You create an energetic field (read: impact in the world around you) with your thoughts and the work that flows out of you, whether you do it intentionally or not. By taking a moment to set your intention, you are creating the tone for your day and grounding yourself, anchoring into your sovereignty and intending to emanate goodness into your work.

This helps us remember that life is not happening to us, it helps us not be dragged along by the day or the needs of the world. It keeps us in our calm, grounded creative power!

2.) Clear the Room

After any long zooms, meetings or calls – let the space breathe! Get up, leave your office space, open windows and keep the door open. You may even want to use an energy clearing tool like an essential oil diffuser or sustainably sourced smudge stick to clear all the energy.

Whether we have virtual meetings or in-person, with many or just with an individual – all the energetics from said meeting linger in that space.

So, before you move onto something new, take 5 to let your office space breathe! You will feel the fresher energy upon your return!

As a coach, I personally do this in between client sessions. Even though they are virtual, I get up, open my windows and palo santo my desk space if I have coaching calls back to back. The difference is palpable, and I recommend that anyone who holds the role of therapist/coach and is regularly holding emotional space for others create a simple clearing ritual in between clients, not only for yourself, but so that each client enters a clear space.

3.) Put Everything To Bed Before EOD

Everything at your desk that you use daily should still have a “home” you place it in before you leave the office. (Again, even if your office right now is just the kitchen table.)

All relevant papers, all tools like calculators, writing utensils, staplers, usb drives, etc. should have a known Home and prior to wrapping up your day, it’s a great closing ritual to put everything to bed!

This way, you will return the next day to a clean and clear office space, instead of a scatterful desk mess pleading for your attention!

(*These types of rituals can be applied in other arenas of the work force too, just adapt to the setting. I worked in catering and food for many years, so a simple ritual for beginning a shift might be to put on your apron and take 3 deep breaths while setting your intention to be of kind and attentive service, both to the clientele as well as to your coworkers. As a mid-shift clearing, I would often take my breaks outside to get some sunshine and fresh air. Little rituals like this can be created in any work type environment, not just an office space, and I guarantee your vibe will uplift everyone around you! The magic we wield is not in the what, but in the HOW we do the things!)

Ritual as Bookends

So, whether you work for yourself or someone else, whether you actually have an office or a desk of your own doesn’t matter. 

The point is that you can create simple, meaningful rituals to bookend your shifts,  and find small ways to breathe space into your day – reminding yourself that You Get to Set the Tone for how you feel, where you place your attention, and the type of experience you have.

That life (or work) isn’t happening TO you, but you are receiving that experience and responding to it with intentional energy, such as joy, creativity, inspiration and a desire to help others!

What work rituals do you have?!

5 Ways to Cleanse your Personal Energy Field (Without Smudging)⠀

Energy Clearing
Your personal field needs an energetic cleanse more often than you realize!⠀
Why? Because lingering energies can affect you A LOT and impact how you feel for the rest of the day.⠀
Anytime you’ve been around lots of people, been into various stores or places, the energies of those persons and spaces linger in your personal field and also in your clothing. And, depending on how vulnerable your field is, they can have an intense impact on how you feel for hours afterwards. ⠀
Cleansing your field regularly is actually an Empowering Practice that helps you ground & center and allows you to take full responsibility for your energy and how you feel. ⠀
And it doesn’t have to be fancy!⠀
Why No Smudging?
While smudging is great, if you or your roommates are sensitive to smell, it’s not always an option. ⠀
Secondly, lots of smudge sticks sold out there are not sustainably sourced, so these non-smudging ways are options anyone can do without any special tools!⠀⠀
Energy Clearing
5 Ways to Clear your Field
Anytime you feel drained, frazzled, off-center or blah – try these!⠀
1.) Strip and Shower – Energy clings to our clothes and water is naturally cleansing!⠀
2.) Sweat, Shake or Dance – As you move, the chi in your body (blood, water, fluids, lymph) moves through! Sweating is literally a detox and movement itself can shift your vibration back to you!⠀
3.) Nature – Sit or walk outside for 15 minutes. Sunshine and breeze are the original energy cleansers!⠀
4.) Chant or Hum “Om” – The frequency of creation. Brings your body and field back to a peaceful home state.⠀
5.) Breathing Techniques – The breathe is cleansing in and of it self! A few minutes of intentional slow or belly breathing can shift the energy in your body & field. ⠀
How Often to Cleanse
My most frequently used is the shower! I shower after coming home from most things: work, travels, shopping, gatherings. I am very sensitive to energy from others and from places, and can feel it in my field when I arrive home. So I often do a quick rinse and put on new clothes before going about anything further in my home space.
However, I do practice all of these regularly, because I believe that keeping my personal energy field clear is of utmost importance to not only my emotional state, but also to staying in alignment with my mission and purpose here as I move through this lifetime.
So I recommend trying to incorporate a personal energy clearing ritual into your day, see which ones feel natural and easy for you. They become like tools you can use when you feel wonky, which, in today’s world, can be quite often!
That’s all for now!
Stay Clear, Dear!