The 4 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Clutter Clearing

If you’ve attempted to declutter in fits and starts, and nothing has really stuck, it’s likely you’re making some of these common mistakes. But don’t beat yourself up about it,  just elevate your game next time and keep going! It can only get better!

1.) You Think It’s Gonna Suck!

If clearing clutter always feels like an annoying and difficult task in your mind, then it WILL actually be that way when you do it. 

Sometimes all we need to make a task feel lighter is a calming breath, and an intentional perspective shift:

Instead of allowing the old mental patterns of: 

“Decluttering is so hard, annoying and NOT fun….” to start running their course through your mind, intentionally create new thought patterns before you begin that focus on how clearing clutter is going to make you feel or all the benefits of it!

You may even write your intentions down in your journal to really anchor them in:

  • I will feel calmer and brighter and more capable of all the things!
  • Clearing clutter will help my space to breathe and invite in new, fresh energy!
  • I am creating a more supportive and nourishing home for myself right now!
  • Having a clear space will enhance my health, creativity and optimism!

You get the vibe. See? Even those thoughts FEEL happier!


2.) You Don’t Make It a Vibe

Take a moment to set yourself up for feeling good WHILE you work – make some coffee or tea, turn on your tunes, light a candle! (And definitely give yourself a few hours, so you don’t feel rushed!)

When you make it feel good along the way – Supported, Relaxed, Easeful –  

you’re more likely to remain truly present with yourself and make the best decisions as you go!


3.) Ignoring the Messages

To declutter without paying deeper attention to what the space is speaking to you is one of the biggest reasons why nothing stays organized: 

You have not hit the root cause.

You haven’t softened or slowed down enough to truly listen to the message your space is speaking to you.

Our homes speak messages to us all the time! 

They reflect back our interior life very clearly.

Our clutter holds keys for us that lead us to freedom, clarity and healing –

if only we take the time to be open to the messages along the way. 


4.) Not Leaving Open Space 

It is one of the hardest things for people to leave open space where there used to be things! We want to fill up the shelves and spaces with something right away, right?

But let me ask you:

If all your shelves, drawers and walls are full of stuff –

where can new life, opportunities, relationships and magic flow into?

Nowhere, My Friend!

So, we must leave open spaces after we clear clutter, however uncomfortable it feels at first.

And, as with all things, we nurture that open space with our intentions: calling in new opportunities for work, new supportive people in our lives, new creative ideas. 

So, this holiday break, once all the hoolah settles (made that up) and you’re Feelin’ like Clearin’ – 

Make sure you keep these 4 tips in mind and watch how it elevates your game!