VA Services

Hi there and welcome!

My name is KellySue and I have 12+ years of experience providing high level administrative support and leadership to small business owners and nonprofit organizations in the health, wellness, and professional/community services industries.


Most recently, I have held the title of Executive Assistant as I supported a local female business owner in managing 4 distinct LLCs over the course of the past 2+ years. I had high level access and robust responsibility in all of these ventures, and produced proficient quality work in only 25 hours/week. I have always been an ‘accelerated learner’ and so tend to get more done in less time than most. I was ‘that girl’ in school who finishes her work before everyone, gets As, and is reading a book for the last half hour of class! I still am that girl, which is why having me as your VA is so valuable!

I am currently taking on 3-4 new VA clients, starting in March/April 2024.

I invite you to continue reading to see if we are a good fit and have linked my resume below for reference.

My VA Services are best fit for a business owner who:
  • Is a solopreneur who is thriving in their singular niche
  • Is seeking a savvy, multi-faceted VA who can offer robust support (graphic design, website, marketing, back end organization, branding, project management, reporting, tracking, client communication, etc.)
  • Is seeking a seasoned VA who will be able to hold an ongoing supportive role in their business, at 5-15 hours/week or equivalent monthly.
  • Has no desire to micromanage, is more than happy for the VA to work from home and prioritize their time in a way that works best for them, aka: allows for a flexible schedule.
  • Works to live, not lives to work; they are brilliant in their field and enjoy work, but they know how to unplug, value rest and lead a robust, fulfilling life outside of their business.
  • Gets curious and seeks to understand when there are mistakes or miscommunications vs. reacting.
  • Is a little on the divergent, non-conformist side of things (ex: does not feel the need to adhere to traditional marketing tactics, but rather leads intuitively.)
My VA Services are NOT a fit for business owners who:
  • Work in a constant state or field of high urgency
  • Work in a very corporate culture or field
  • Are serial entrepreneurs (always starting new businesses)
  • Live to work
  • Need accounting support
  • Need business growth support (marketing strategist)
  • Only need social media support

Download my resume here: KSF Resume 2024

Past Clients and Employers:
  • DBT of South Jersey
  • Rebelmente, LLC
  • Lehm Law, PLLC
  • Tiny Bungalow, LLC
  • Raices Naturopathic Medical Center
  • Chiropractic del Sol
  • Bloom 365
  • Anthill Events



Drawing upon my extensive expertise and accelerated learning capabilities, my rates start at $35/hour.

This not only underscores my exceptional breadth and depth of experience, but also highlights my ability to deliver work more swiftly and at a higher quality than your average VA.

If the exchange is ideal for both parties after 2 months time, I would agree to a monthly retainer for the work requested instead of an hourly rate.


If you feel my services and your needs are a good fit, please email me at: with your inquiry and we will go from there!

(Please note: my website is mainly used for my various coaching offerings, but I maintain this page as a resource for potential VA clients.)