Why Clearing Our Spaces Matters

(Article written for Natural Awakenings Magazine, South Jersey – January 2021)

Our spaces hold so much for us. They are our homes that nourish us, our offices that inspire us, and our rooms that provide us refuge, warmth and function. This year especially, our spaces have even been blended into offices and classrooms! 

Two Types of Clearing

Energetic Clearing is vital because our spaces hold onto energies, emotions and thought patterns. They linger in the space and can imprint into the room, affecting you long afterwards. This is why you can usually feel if there’s been an argument in a room, even after the people have left! Or why you feel heavy or harsh energy in someone’s house – whatever has taken place is still in the air, literally. 

Physical Clearing is actual decluttering and is so underrated as a powerful avenue for healing! Often our clutter – type, where and how it’s stashed – holds the answers to our health problems or reveals what is keeping us stuck. 

Why Hire an Expert

Hiring a professional is wise because the task can feel daunting on so many levels! A true Healer of Spaces will provide you with both the emotional support, as well as the proper systems you will need along the way!