Winter Wonders

Lessons to Infuse Your Life with the Medicines of the Season

~ A Telegram Container ~

These telegram containers are pre-recorded courses where you can go at your own pace and have ongoing access! This course was originally recorded mid-season, but all themes are still appropriate throughout Winter.

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Themes – The Medicines of Winter

Winter Traditions & Energies:

  • Wheel of the Year
  • Winter according to Chinese Medicine  – element, organs, recommendations.


  • For those who struggle with a solid sleep cycle
  • For those who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • “Light” as an energy that is returning to us this time of year & forward.

Rest & Trauma

  • To help those who struggle to land Rest, seeing it from a generational trauma POV.


  • For those overwhelmed by their own life, Winter cold & crispness helps you see clearly and pare down
  • The Lightness of a Simplified Life

Solitude & Stillness

  • If we cannot be at home by ourselves, we will always outsource safety.
  • In Winter, even the forest is still and quiet. Lessons abound.

Winter Season in our Cycle

  • Learn the 4 seasons of your cycle and see how Winter in our cycle is the same energies as Winter in nature overall.
  • Nourish, Rest, Intuition, Solitude

Creativity & Play

  • Winter energy contains whimsy and mysticism, so learning how to incorporate play, creativity and magic into your life!

*Each day contains a 10-25 minute Voice Lesson + Homework (practices, journal prompts, activities.)

This container is for you if:
  • You desire an infusion of light, wisdom and energy mid-winter
  • You find REST to be challenging
  • You want support bringing your creations to life this year
  • You want to turn up the volume on your intuition
  • You want to create more S P A C E in your head and life
  • You enjoy doing inner work and respond well to lessons and homework such as journal prompts, or suggested activities or practices to help integrate things.
How It Works

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It’s like a pre-recorded course, but audio lessons instead of video, and the homework is shared in written format for ease as well!